Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · Oldham County High School Boys Varsity Soccer beat Lexington Catholic High School 6-1

Saturday, August 29, 2015

11:00 AM

Lexington Catholic High School

Oldham County High School

Game Recap

Lexington Catholic has a long history of success, and came to us with a strong, organized, well coached team. Our whole plan was to execute what we practice, and execute well. We took a few nervous minutes to settle down, but soon established dominance in the center of the field. We exploited the time we gained from a good first touch, and unlike the Woodford game, we responded to Lexington’s pressure by releasing the ball early. Making the ball do the work gained a physical advantage as the first half wore on, and we had the majority of chances on goal without hitting the back of the net. Because of the dominance of our mid field, Lexington was forced to rely on the long ball, but we prevented this from the field and headed well on defense against strong punts from their goalkeeper. Our offense forced a penalty with seconds to go in the first half, and Mr Huerta scored from the spot.

In the second half we added width to our attack with outside overlaps, and split Lexington Catholic apart. Mr Huerta chopped to Mr J Thomas, who chipped over Lexington’s strong goalkeeping presence. A fine back post header put Lexington briefly back into the game, but a fine finish by Mr Wirth, and a low driving free kick from Mr Huerta put the game out of reach. Two well taken goals from fine crosses, by Mr Thomas and Mr Martinez, sealed the deal.

Box Scores

Lexington Catholic


Oldham County